Thursday, 14 August 2008

ACAS workers pay ballot

MORE than 630 PCS members working for the conciliation service Acas last week began a ballot for strike action and action short of a strike in a dispute over pay.
The ballot, which runs until 27th August, follows delays in settling this year’s pay and a pay remit submitted to Treasury by Acas, which the union believes will result in real term pay cuts.
This year’s pay increase was due on 1st August yet pay negotiations haven’t started.
This year’s delay follows a ten-month delay to last year’s 2007 pay increase.
PCS national officer Dave Cliff commented: “After the ten-month delay to last year’s pay rise we had an agreement that this year’s pay settlement would be paid on time.
“However Acas management have dragged their feet and not even started negotiating yet. The prospect of a repeat of last year’s delay, combined with the likelihood of a below inflation pay award has left staff feeling angry and betrayed.”